5 Powerful Crystals and Their Meanings

5 Powerful Crystals and Their Meanings

Crystal jewelry is trendy, but it is not new. Crystals have been seen throughout history from texts of a famous Roman historian to medieval poetry. During the Middle Ages, it was thought crystals brought forth spiritual presences as people wanted something physical that embodied spirituality and faith.

The crystal is revered for its beauty and power and has been for thousands of years across the globe. These protective stones are said to be talismans against negative energy or harm. There are as many uses for crystals as there are different varieties. These are 5 crystals you can find at Manifestie that will help carry you through the days in beauty and the power they present.

1. Tree Agate Macrame Necklace

The Tree Agate is said to bring one a sense of inner tranquility and peace when worn. This stone will help one to look inside for self-examination which can create a calm demeanor.

Manifestie's Beautiful Tree Agate is delicately netted and accented with sterling silver beads, goldstone, moonstone, and quartz. The clasp on this incredible necklace is made from agate, and the knotting of the chain is an intricate, delicate design.

The pendant inside this netting has not been drilled, and there has been no glue used. The special macrame technique used to keep the crystal in place was learned by monks in the Himalayas. This one-of-a-kind necklace is one you will cherish forever as it will bring you peace, relieve your stress, and bring you prosperity and good fortune.

2. Blue Tiger Eye Macrame Necklace

The Tiger Eye combines the earth's energy with sun or light energy to create an intense crystal that is well-grounded. This crystal will enhance your empathic energies and enhance your psychic energy as it protects you with an unblinking eye.

Manifestie's Tiger Eye Macrame Necklace is delicately with Knot tension, a technique learned from the Himalayan monks, binding this stone strongly in place. This method allows both sides of the crystal to be seen, which results in a one-of-a-kind, beautiful look for you to cherish forever. This protective stone will also bring out your integrity, enhance your practical perception, bring you luck, and protect you on your travels.

3. Organic Chalcedony Macrame Necklace

Chalcedony stones will soothe your self-doubt and bring you inner peace when worn. This stone is believed to help in calming and centering your emotional energy while encouraging your tranquility. The Chalcedony stone is also considered a healing stone and will help those who tend to worry too much.

Manifestie's Organic Chalcedony Macrame Necklace is accented with jade, aventurine, silver, amethyst, and quartz beads and is delicately netted to remain securely in place. The clasp on this unique necklace is made of wood, and a special macrame technique taught by Himalayan monks binds this stone safely in place. There have been no holes drilled in the crystal and no glue was used to fasten it in any way.

This beautiful necklace will be one of your favorites forever as it brings your body, mind, and emotions into harmony. It will help you transform melancholy into joy, and instill feelings of generosity.

4. Green Aventurine Macrame Necklace

The Aventurine crystal is believed to diffuse negative emotions, promote compassion, reinforce leadership, encourage perseverance, and bring prosperity. The healing properties of this crystal benefit your nervous system and thymus gland and are said to balance blood pressure and stimulate your metabolism.

Manifestie's Green Aventurine Macrame Necklace is accented with brass beads inside a delicately netted macrame chain. The tie closure on this beautiful necklace is adjustable and the stone is held securely in place with a knot tension technique learned from the Himalayan monks. This knotting technique allows a view of both the front and back of the incredible Aventurine crystal.

Wearing this one-of-a-kind necklace is said to enhance your creativity, stimulate emotional recovery, stabilize your mind, and more. You will surely cherish this necklace for the rest of your days.

5. Crystallized Red Jasper Macrame Necklace

Red Jasper is a crystal that's been used for protection for more than a thousand years. It is said that jasper has the ability to help balance aggressive, dynamic energy. It is also believed the Red Jasper can increase fertility and staunch wounds.

Manifestie's Crystallized Red Jasper Macrame Necklace has the Red Jasper stone accented with brass beads on an intricate macrame chain. The clasp on this exquisite necklace is adjustable. The macrame technique used to create this incredible necklace was learned by the Himalayan monks so there are no holes drilled or glue used.

You will forever cherish this necklace as it will not only be one of the most beautiful creations that you could wear, but it will also bring you tranquility, provide you protection, and cleanse your aura.

Where to Find the Best Crystal Necklaces

Manifestie is a woman-owned business with designs created in Lake Tahoe, CA. Check out our crystal necklace selections today and learn how unique and incredible our products are and how great you will look in them.

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