Life is a Festival / Glow Up for it!

At Manifestie, we believe that life is a festival, and we're dedicated to helping you glow up for it. Our passion is to empower our customers to express themselves confidently, radiate positivity, and reveal their true selves to the world. Our motto isn't just a catchy phrase; it's a way of life. We believe that every moment is an opportunity to shine, and our collection of fashionable and trendy clothing is here to help you seize that opportunity.

Whether you're performing in front of a crowd, attending a party, or just going about your day, we want you to feel confident, inspired, and empowered. That's why each piece in our collection is carefully curated to help you express your unique style and personality.

So come join us at, and let's make every day a festival. Let's glow up, let's express ourselves, and let's celebrate life together.
xoxo, Nilu


Nilu is the driving force behind Manifestie, serving both as our founder and creative director. With a keen eye for detail and a profound passion for self-expression through fashion, Nilu has skillfully shaped Manifestie into a dynamic blend of curated pieces and original designs. Each item in our collection is a reflection of Manifestie’s vision. Under her creative leadership, Manifestie has blossomed into a space where creativity and individuality flourish, offering unique fashion pieces that empower and inspire our community. Particularly, our made-to-order printed apparel, including sherpa cloaks, hoodies, and festival boots, is designed in-house with the planet in mind. Nilu has meticulously curated a selection of the most eco-friendly and high-quality manufacturing partners for these products, ensuring that they reflect Manifestie’s commitment to sustainability and style. Through Nilu's guidance, Manifestie offers not just apparel, but a lifestyle choice for those who care about the environment as much as they do about fashion. Join us in celebrating a vision of beauty and responsibility, crafted by Nilu and embraced by all at Manifestie. Manifestie isn’t just a brand; it’s a world where fashion is not just worn, but lived.