Fall Bohemian Style

Fall Bohemian Style

As the weather begins to turn cooler and certainly once it is cold, you are going to want a wardrobe to protect you, yet help you look great. To stay warm you will want to layer up, and the fall Bohemian style is going to work perfectly. The great thing about this style is how you can mix vintage pieces with new ones and create a look to match your personality.

Manifestie is the place to shop for these great pieces. All of our fashions have been inspired by our joys and journeys and will allow you to express your adventurous, fun, modern, and bold sides. Have fun and look through our fashions to find your perfect Bohemian style this fall.

These are some tips and ideas for you to use when creating your unique look this season.

1. Sherpa Snugs

Choose a piece that is not only comfortable but fun as well. The Sherpa Snugs offer you the best of options for layering your look. These one-size fits most are an incredible wearable blanket crafted from premium, silky smooth micro-mink polyester. These will work perfectly this fall as you head out on cold mornings, want to get in a fall hike, or are heading out on a boating experience.

The Sherpa Snug will keep you cozy and warm, and still allow for great fashion underneath if it warms up and you want to remove the snug.

2. Sweatshirts

Sometimes the fall weather is cool but too cold that you want to wear a jacket. The perfect answer is the sweatshirt. Manifestie offers some of the most unique styles of sweatshirts found anywhere. These wardrobe choices are super comfortable yet fashion-forward. The brushed fleece inside will provide incredible comfort, and the super fun design on the front will turn heads wherever you venture.

3. Hooded Dresses

What is the perfect fashion statement for a Bohemian-style outfit this fall? The Hoodie Dresses at Manifestie combine both the comfortable look of a sweatshirt or jacket with a dress. These dresses are incredibly comfortable and will quickly become your go-to choice for heading out this fall.

The Hoodie Dresses have brushed fleece inside keeping you warm and cozy and the hand-feel outer surface makes it the best choice for any fashion style. The double-layer hood and floating kangaroo pocket are added benefits for you to experience one of the best fall outfits this season.

4. Vegan Leather Boots with Fur

The perfect way to finish a fantastic Bohemian-style outfit look is to add a pair of Vegan Leather Boots with Fur. Manifestie Vegan Leather Boots are unisex, pure vegan, and come in a variety of colors and designs to match any outfit choice. The insoles are Manifestie's cloud walker memory foam so no matter what fall adventure you engage in, your feet are going to feel great all day, or all night long.

All Manifestie Vegan Leather Boots are crafted with vegan leather which allows for printing of anything, anywhere. You are guaranteed a unique style boot with a print that will not crack or peel and the colors in all designs are rich and won't fade with your use.

Where to Find Great Fall Bohemian Style Outfits

Manifestie is a woman-owned business that designs fabrics in Lake Tahoe, CA. We do not have a middleman in our operations, which means you will get the highest quality products at reasonable costs. Our products are shipped across the globe and we offer a great return/exchange on most items.

If you are looking for a wardrobe that speaks to your personality and is incredibly unique, check out Manifestie today.

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