Discover the ultimate blend of comfort and style with Manifestie's Cuddle Cloaks! Perfect for lounging all day or stepping out in style, these versatile cloaks are ideal after a surf session or for a winter stroll down Aspen streets or your next festival. Universally designed to fit both men and women, each festival cloak is crafted from recycled water bottles and printed with eco-friendly inks, offering a sustainable yet chic addition to your wardrobe. Choose Manifestie Cuddle Cloaks for cozy warmth and flawless style in any setting. 

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    Small Business

    Manifestie is a woman owned, small business in Lake Tahoe.

    Not only do we provide imaginative sparkle to your outfits, we also have an extensive line of eco-friendly apparel. Our eco-conscious full-print apparel, including sherpa cloaks, hoodies, and lace-up boots, all designed in-house with the planet in mind. We curated the most eco-friendly and high quality partners to manufacture our custom footwear and made-to-order apparel.

    Slower Fashion

    Our made-to-order apparel and footwear line produces less waste compared to the average retailer. We use:

    🌱 Recycled Polyester (sourced from recycled water bottles)
    🌱 Eco-Friendly Inks
    🌱 Printing Technology that Minimizes Wastewater Production
    🌱 By reducing our energy consumption, we also minimize our carbon footprint
    🌱 And for our rhinestone bodysuits, we make very small runs as to not over-manufacture apparel that end up thrown out or burned.

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    Made-to-order apparel average 9 days from order to delivery.