Festival Trends We Expect to See in 2022

Festival Trends We Expect to See in 2022

People are beginning to shed layers of clothing with the rising temps of spring. This shedding means the arrival of one thing: festival season. The following months are going to bring back celebratory events and it is predicted the festival crowds are going to appear in western wear, pelvic cutouts, and other unique designs.

Some fashion experts are predicting the festival trends in 2022 will be 'anything goes.' These styles will range from maximalist feathers to minimalist denim, and all the way to 'your boyfriend's denim shirt.' These are some of the predictions for the biggest festival trends in 2022 to provide you with some inspiration.

1. Leather Festival Belt

This classic, 3-pocket Festival Belt with its adjustable strap will fit on your hip and keep your smartphone close. The belt is made from up-cycled suede and is Eco-Friendly. Keep all your important items secure and safe as you remain stylish and hands-free while dancing the night away.

Another option for 2022 Festival trends is the Leather Utility Belt with its adjustable strap and made from up-cycled leather. Another Eco-Friendly product that can be worn as a satchel around your chest and shoulders or as a belt.

2. Boots

Boots made from leather and including a platform heel will be widely seen as a Festival trend in 2022. The Crimson Red Memory Foam vegan boots take on the look of a combat boot and give you the platform heel to complete an individualized festival trend for any wardrobe. These are a pair of unisex vegan boots that are super comfortable and will allow you to experience your festival in complete comfort.

3. Cover-Ups

In 2022 you are going to see some fantastic coverups and sarongs around the festival grounds. The Black and Pink Chiffon Sarong is the perfect choice as a coverup during the festival. You will love the premium chiffon/polyester blend making it a lightweight fabric and high-definition color. All sarongs are lovingly handcrafted and incredibly durable.

4. Sweatshirts

Festival activities can also include some chilly nights and cooler weather. Sweatshirts are expected to be a part of the scene in 2022. The Premium Sierra Bear Galaxy sweatshirt is the perfect choice to include in your wardrobe this season. This sweatshirt is fashion-forward and super comfortable and can be worn for any event. And the stars on this sweatshirt is an actual photo taken from NASA! Support the ecosystem with the purchase and enjoy the expertise put into this incredible design.

5. Sherpa Cloaks

Want to stay warm and comfortable as the night temps chill off your time at the festival? A Sacred Connections Premium Sherpa Cloak is the perfect solution to keep you out all night. The outside of the cloak is soft to the touch with its silky micro-mink polyester face. The fleece lining is warm and cozy and it has two deep, side pockets to keep your important items with you safely or to warm your hands.

6. Masks

Depending on where your festival's venue, masks may be required, or you may feel safer attending with one on your face. Bring along the Holographic Print Face Mask with its adjustable ear straps, just in case these are required, or a situation arises where you want to ensure your safety. These face masks are washable and come in both kid and adult sizes and with their adjustable earloop straps will fit all face shapes.

Where to Find Your Wardrobe for the Festival Trends in 2022

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