Find The Best Colors For Your Skin Tone

Find The Best Colors For Your Skin Tone

Colors can play havoc with your overall look. Many people struggle trying to determine which colors go with their skin tone, or which will look good even outside their comfort zone. This indecision extends to matching your wardrobe to your eyes, or your hair color, and even wondering which shade of lipstick will look best on your whole face.

The problem with colors is that not all are created equal. Some blues may look fantastic with your skin tone, and others will not compliment you at all. The difference can be subtle if you are not sure what to look for. By wearing your best color, you will save energy, money, and time. Wearing the right or best colors also makes you look more vibrant, younger, and healthier.

Getting Started Finding Your Best Color

Several factors go into finding the best color for yourself. The place to start is with your undertone. Determining this piece means you can eliminate almost half of all other colors, which will make your shopping a lot easier. There are ways you can learn what your undertone is, and what you can do if you are neutral.

What is an Undertone?

Your undertone is the color under your skin. Typically your undertone sits between cool which is bluer, to warm which is more yellow. The color spectrum (Seasonal Color Analysis color wheel) puts some people in obvious warm colors and others in very icy cool colors. In the middle of these two are very few people as it is a perfect balance of warm and cool. True red, blue, green, and yellow is technically 'neutral' or universal colors.

Once you know your undertone, you can eliminate all other colors that are opposite it. Looking at the Seasonal Color Analysis color wheel will show you where all the colors on the spectrum sit. This wheel will allow you to eliminate all the colors on the cool side if you come up with a warm undertone.

What are the Different Skin Tones?

To learn what color will go well with your skin tone, you need to determine which of the three skin tones defines you. The best way to judge the colors is to look at your arm and decide whether you have a warm undertone, a neutral one, or is it cool? When veins on your wrist are bluish, you are said to have cool-toned skin. If your veins are more green, you are said to have warm-toned skin, and if you are unsure, you likely have a neutral skin tone.

Skin shade does not necessarily determine your skin undertone. People with dark skin can have a cool complexion just as someone with pale skin can have a warm complexion. Now, that you understand how to determine your skin tone, how do you determine what colors in your wardrobe will look best.

What Colors Are Best For Cool Undertones?

If your skin is pale with light features, then you should try to bring some color to your complexion. Dark colors will work best for you. You should also combine some lighter colors in with the dark. Colors like burgundy, brown, navy, and other bolder shades of blue will work well for you.

What Colors Are Best For Warm Undertones?

If your skin tends to tan then you most likely have a warm undertone. While most colors will work well for you, those a little brighter or darker rather than middle ground colors will look best on you. Go with a pale beige color over the warm sand look, or you could go with a bold shade of purple over the mauve.

What Colors Are Best For Neutral Undertones?

If your skin tone is neutral, you are positioned well to wear a majority of shades and hues. A neutral skin tone will look great in bold, bright colors like cobalt blue or jade green. You should choose a single pop of color, don't just spin the color wheel and choose randomly. Choose your colors that will complement instead of compete with each other.

Where to Find the Best Wardrobe for Your Skin Tone

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