How to Express Yourself with Fashion

How to Express Yourself with Fashion

Dressing in great style is all about who you are and how you like to feel when dressed your best. Expressing yourself with fashion is all about wearing what you love. Often dressing to be authentic is not as easy as it sounds. Many admire how others look and try to mimic it, but over time, trying to dress like others, or be more like them in the way that you dress, can damage your self-esteem.

You need to create a signature style that tells others about you and expresses your true self. You are unique, and your fashion should express that uniqueness. Manifestie offers you the fashion choices you need for your personal expression. One of these great choices includes vegan boots and other fantastic styles.

Vegan Boots (Leather)

Vegan boots are one of the best styles to accent your style. These awesome boots are crafted with vegan leather, and no matter how often you wear them, the HD Chakra Dragonfly print will never peel or crack.

The faux fur lining makes them a perfect choice when the weather is cooler, and Cloud Walker memory foam will spoil your feet. These boots have a lace-up closure to give you a snug fit, and a high-quality outsole for exceptional durability and traction. Your feet will never want another pair of footwear after wearing these unique vegan boots.

Music Is Life Zip Up Hoodie and Yoga Leggings

Certain colors look better on others and sometimes skin tones make one color look better on one than someone else. Eye color and hair color can also affect which colors will look best on you. What you should judge when choosing colors for yourself, is how you feel about wearing something.

There is nothing wrong with wearing something bright and bold, or if you feel more comfortable, monochrome colors. Choose an outfit you would not normally pick, and shop for something that gives you lots of choices to coordinate your style. The Music Is Life Zip Up Hookie is incredibly colorful and allows you to tone it down with basic grey-colored yoga leggings with white accents, or keep the bold look going with a pair of Music Is Life Yoga Leggings. 

The leggings are designed as extra stretchy, and high-waisted and will boost your fashion presence where ever you wear them. When paired with the matching hoodie that is super comfortable and fashion-forward, you'll not only feel good, you will look great.

Star Chaser Unisex T-Shirt

Some people are afraid of being judged for what they wear, and a mix of anxiety and fear comes into play when looking for a new wardrobe. If you want an authentic sense of style, and to discover the real you, don't take yourself too seriously. Have fun with your style choice. The Star Chaser Unisex T-Shirt is a convenient and fashion-forward essential addition to a great-looking wardrobe.

Don't worry about what others think about your style. Dress for yourself in comfort and colors. Mix up patterns, wear bright colors, and break the old fashion rules. Being yourself in your style will be far more comfortable than getting stuck wearing what others say are the current trend. You can also go crazy with your accessories. The Unisex Utility Festival Belt has an adjustable strap and is made to keep your belongings safe.

Where You Can Express Yourself With Fashion

Manifestie offers you unique fashions and decor inspired by your life's joys and journeys. We have the modern, abstract, fun, and most adventurous fashions to choose from. From our top-selling vegan boots to Phish Dog Zip-Up Hoodie, we have everything to keep you comfortable and dressed in the style that you will love. We are a woman-owned business with global manufacturers and will provide you with the highest quality products at affordable prices.

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