How To Stay Warm at Winter Music Festivals

How To Stay Warm at Winter Music Festivals

Winter is just around the corner and the temperatures are already beginning to fall. For a lot of people, you might think this season is an end to music festivals. It doesn't have to be the end, though, if you know how to stay warm when attending a wintertime festival. While you have to plan on keeping cool during the summer with lots of hydration, winter music festivals mean you have to stay warm and continue with hydration.

Dressing for a winter music festival should be done in layers. The music is no doubt going to get you moving and dancing, so you might need to take a layer off while enjoying your favorite tunes. The rule with layering during the winter temperatures is it is better to wear too many layers than too few to keep yourself safe.

Manifestie offers the perfect choice in laying styles. The Terra Cotta Sacred Sherpa Cloak allows you to put as many layers on as you'll need. The cloak is extremely soft to the touch outside with its silky, premium micro-mink polyester face. The inside is made of quality ultra-soft microfiber fleece to keep you warm and cozy through almost any temperature. You are also going to appreciate the two side pockets where you can keep all your belongings while enjoying the festival.

If you want to stand out in the crowd in style, you might want to choose the Cannabeast Premium Sherpa Cloak. This brightly colored, luxurious cloak has a premium microfiber fleece lining inside, and the outside is a micro-mink polyester fabric that has been designed with high-definition colors. You can't go wrong with this incredible hand-made-for-you cloak with its two side pockets to keep your valuables safe.

Monitor Your Body Temperature at Winter Music Festivals

Your body will create sweat as a means of self-regulating your temperature. Even when you are out in freezing temps, when you move around a lot with numerous layers of clothing on, your body will begin sweating. Don't let this action have you take too many layers off, as self-regulation is an important bodily function.

When sweat develops on your skin and then evaporates, it helps your body dissipate heat. If you lose too much of this heat too suddenly, by removing too many layers, it is not a good thing. You should expect to feel hot and cold equally during your winter music festival as when you get physically active you will heat up and then cool down again once you take a break.

Manifestie has other great options for you to use in laying your winter music festival wardrobe. The Fishman Donuts Phish Hooded Blanket is perfect for an outside layer to keep you warm and comfortable. The Hooded Blanket is made of 100% plush, polyester sherpa on the outside, with an ultra-smooth, silky micro-mink polyester face on the inside. The incredible Fishman Donut hooded blanket even has built-in straps to keep the blanket in place when you wrap them around your wrists and check out the scene during the festival.

Another outstanding option from Manifestie is our best-selling Sacred Owl Premium Hooded Blanket. You will be the envy of many when you walk around warm and comfortable with the Sacred Owl Hooded Blanket surrounding you in style. This hooded blanket has an outside lining made from 100% premium polyester Sherpa with a silky micro-mink polyester face. The inside wraps you in warmth with premium, ultra-soft microfiber fleece, and a silky, ultra-smooth micro-mink polyester face. You can walk around the festival with the blanket securely attached to your wrist with the built-in straps and easily hold on to your beverage of choice.

Where to Find Other Wardrobe Choices for a Winter Music Festival

Manifestie offers the above selections as a great way for you to layer your wardrobe when going to a winter music festival or any other outdoor event in cold temperatures. We are a woman-owned business located in Lake Tahoe, CA, and offer you the highest quality products at prices you can afford. Check out our site and discover other great clothing items and accessories that will perfectly fit your winter outdoor activities.

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