Stay Sun Safe and Look Great At The Beach

Stay Sun Safe and Look Great At The Beach

Going to the beach typically means you'll be exposed to a lot of sun. No matter what time of year you plan your vacation at the beach, you are almost certain to encounter UV light from the sunshine that can damage your skin. Necessary precautions are necessary. Luckily there are responsible tips to follow to keep you safe from the sun, while Manifestie keeps you looking great in swimwear.

1. Bring Some Shade

Summer sun can be intense, so bringing some shade along to the beach is a great safety tip. Umbrellas will block the sun from damaging your skin as well as a Spellbound Long Sleeve Swimsuit to keep your arms protected while playing at the beach. Screw-in umbrellas with a stand will work perfectly as they can be tilted to adjust to the sun's angle. If you go with a crowd, you might want to consider a shade tent, and if taking an infant, be sure to bring along a toddler canopy.

2. Bring the Right Sunscreen

You don't want to use just any type of sunscreen, you want to be sure you bring the right product for your needs. The sunscreen should also be applied before you get into the sun's exposure. Before putting on your Black Rock City Short Sleeve Swimsuit, you should apply the screen to avoid struggling with sand mixing with the lotion when you arrive at the beach. While applying make sure the sunscreen gets under the complete swimsuit, and if your suit has straps, the lotion should be under all of them as well.

Sunscreen should be reapplied often. When at the beach, you are likely to sweat and submerge in the water after which you will probably towel off. All these actions will cause the sunscreen to be removed and reduce your protection. Experts recommend that sunscreen be reapplied every two hours while you are exposed to sunlight.

3. Have a Cover Up

A lightweight cover-up can do wonders for sun safety. Cover-ups give your skin a break from the sun. Consider the Pool Of Water Chiffon Beach Cover Up which is so unique, you can wear it as a beautiful cover-up, or as a dress at the tiki bar. Made from a premium chiffon polyester blend will not add weight and helps you remain cool and comfortable while protected from the sun's rays.

The great thing about a dress-style cover-up is it can be used after the sun sets and the temperatures drop. The Pool Of Water cover-up can keep those chilly breezes off your shoulders when the night cools down, or a cotton button-up fishing-style shirt would work great for after-beach time events.

4. Wear a Hat

One of the easiest forms of shade is that from a hat. A wide-brimmed hat keeps the sun off your neck, ears, face, and if wide enough, your shoulders as well. If you prefer a visor or ball cap, these will keep the direct sunlight off your face. No matter which style of hat you are most comfortable with, one should be considered essential for your beach bag.

5. Plan Your Time

The hottest and most direct sunlight you can be exposed to at the beach is around the middle part of the day. Plan your time at the beach in the morning, then head indoors at about 11:30. Use the hot time of the day to rest, rehydrate, play games, or clean up. You can always head back to the beach later in the afternoon when the sun isn't at its hottest.

Where to Find Great Swimwear

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